Therapy for New Moms in Westchester County, New York

Therapy for NICU Moms in Westchester County, New York

As a first time or new mom, your entire world turns upside down instantaneously.

All of a sudden, a tiny human--who did not come with instructions--

is reliant upon you to take care of even their most basic needs.

This is exactly what Ali Wong was referring to in her Nexflix special when she said: “this human Tamagotchi don’t got no reset button so the stakes are extremely high.”

by the way--if you haven’t seen her comedy, you’ll laugh til you cry (or pee).

But in all seriousness, what Ali jokes about is the

transition into motherhood that every mom goes through. 

It's the challenges of loving your baby so much it hurts,

and at the same time trying to navigate the person you are now. 

There is so much that comes along with new motherhood.

things like feeding your baby, boundary issues with family,

being sleep-deprived and feeling so isolated

You thought this would be easier, or at least feel more natural.

It's harder than you thought and you're questioning this whole mom thing. 

The transition into motherhood is hard enough even when things are fairly routine. Sometimes they are complicated by unexpected circumstances, such as emergency C-sections, birth trauma, time in the NICU, and medical complications. 

Usually while moms are in the middle of these circumstances, they are simply in survival mode and focused on their little one(s).

While necessary, this inevitably takes its toll on you as the mom.

You might have been meaning to reach out to talk to someone but keep putting it off or notice yourself feeling angry and irritable for seemingly no reason. 

It's time to get the kind of self care that can change your life and

help you be the mom you want to be.


Reach out today for a custom complimentary phone consultation.

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