Being a mom is hard--really hard. Probably harder than you thought it would be. 

Let's be honest about that--because most moms don't love every minute of motherhood--and that doesn't make you a bad mom. 


It's also constantly changing, both for you and your kids.

As your kids go through different development stages where their needs

and interests change, so will yours.  

You may feel always lonely but never alone when you have babies and toddlers

or mom guilt for feeling like your failing in some part of life or not present enough. 

You may feel a mixture of longing for your baby to be a baby again once they start school and relishing in your own newfound freedom. 

The taking care of the kids part is just the tip of the iceberg--

moms have many other roles: partner, daughter, friend, employee, etc. 

You are probably feeling like you can't give 100% to every role like you used to.


There’s also the mental load--you know, the thinking and planning

that comes along with having a family.

Things like remembering to get end-of-the-year gifts for teachers or ordering diapers on Amazon before they run out. 

Coming to therapy will help you get clear on the things in life that are important to you so you can be the mom you want to be and create a life worth living.  

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