Therapy for Postpartum Depression in Westchester County, N.Y.

Therapy for Postpartum Anxiety in Westchester County, N.Y.

You thought becoming a mom would be the happiest time of your life. 

You thought you would instantly fall in love with your baby and love motherhood.


But you just can't seem to shake the feeling that something just isn't right.

There might be times when you don't want to be around your baby, or you never want to leave them because you worry something bad might happen.

It's not just the "what if" thoughts and worrying, it's the physical part too.

You might feel constantly drained, like you got the wind knocked out of you.

Being around others is hard too. You might feel like an alien visiting from outer space watching other people live normal lives and yours feel empty.


Other times you might be filled with rage,

and completely disconnected from yourself, your baby and the world.

You keep questioning if you're cut out for being a mom.


All of these feelings makes you feel guilty.

Since you never expected to feel this way--and society paints the picture of perfect new moms--you just want to hide what's really going on.


What you're going through is common, but you don't have to live with it. 

1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety.

And that number might be higher because that is just what is reported.

Also, up to 50% of women who have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety have never experienced it before. 

The good news is that postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are extremely treatable--it's not something you have to live with. 

Reach out today for your complimentary phone consultation to

start being the mom you want to be and feel like yourself again. 

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