Online therapy, or teletherapy, is another convenience service so you can access services even as a busy mom. Currently, I offer online therapy to anyone in New York State. I soon will offer online therapy to residents of Florida and Connecticut.

We can do all sessions online or a mixture of some sessions in my office,

at your home, and via online therapy.

I use a secure online video conferencing platform that protects your privacy.

And don’t worry-for the days you don’t want anyone to see you,

we can turn off the video and just talk!

If you aren’t a tech kinda person--don’t worry--neither am I!

I use an extremely easy-to-use platform that protects your privacy.

Fee: $155 per 50 minute session

Online Therapy Benefits:

  • Save time & money by not traveling

  • Can be done when you ONLY have an hour (nap time or when kids are at an activity)

  •  Don’t have to cancel if your kids get sick 

  • Just getting out of the house can be hard sometimes. There is no diaper bag to pack or hair to brush!

  • Can still talk even when you're not around (visiting in-laws & needing extra support)

  • Available throughout all of New York state

  • You don’t need to deal with insurance, which is a major headache. That means you are given entire privacy, as well as no arguing with them about your coverage and no having to only deal with in-network providers. 

(914) 269-8877

7 Skyline Drive, Suite 350 

Hawthorne, N.Y. 10532

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