Post Partum Plan 

Society tells all we need to prepare for baby's arrival is to have a baby shower, set up the nursery and maybe take a child birth or breastfeeding class.

But what about preparing for the transition into motherhood--one of the biggest transition a woman will ever make? 

In the same way that society tells us we only have to plan a wedding--but not prepare for the actual marriage--

we tend to do the same when a baby enters our life. 

What is a post partum plan?

Just like a birth plan, a post partum plan is a written document tailored to best support your post partum needs. 

It helps with all aspects of post partum life

 with a focus on mental wellness

What's In The Plan?

  1. Fostering or Creating a Support System

    • Cause You'll Need More Help Than You Think​

  2. ​Get Away Plan​

    • Cause you will need to ​get away from it all sometimes

  3. Nourishing Your Mind and Body

    • Healthy Foods and Practices Focused on Replenishing Your Body's Needs​

  4. Addressing Your Emotional Needs

    • Adjusting Unrealistic Expectations

    • Prioritizing What's Really Important,

    • Making Mindset Shifts

    • Knowing Your Triggers

  5. How to Know The Difference Between Adjustment To Motherhood and Post Partum Depression/Anxiety

  6. Creating A Doable Plan of Action

    • The Resources Will Be All Ready--Cause You Won't Have The Time or Energy To Get This Together After Baby Comes​

Ready to Get Your Post Partum Plan Together?

Who Needs A Post Partum Plan?

Literally every mom should have a plan--at least to some degree--for every baby!

It's as necessary as packing your hospital bag or prepping the nursery.

Here are some examples of when it's extra helpful:

Image by Taylor Harding

You Have Other Kids Or They Are Close In Age

post partum website 2_edited.jpg

You Had A Difficult Post Partum Time In The Past

postpartum insomnia blog pic.jpg

You've Dealt With Anxiety And Depression Before Kids/During Pregnancy

What You'll Get From Your Plan:

  • A 60-minute call with Dr. Casarella to organize your postpartum plan before or just after baby's arrival

  • A personalized plan created by a psychologist to fit your unique postpartum needs 

  • A focus on your overall mental wellness which will positively impact your mood

  • Another 60-minute call (can be broken up into 2 30-minute segments) after baby's arrival (good for up to 6 months from purchase)

You'll Be Able To:

  • Enjoy being a mother more

  • Feel less overwhelm and be more in the moment

  • Feel more like your old self again--even in the chaotic newborn phase

  • Be in a better mood and connect more with your spouse/partner

  • Recognize the difference between adjusting to motherhood and a postpartum mood disorder

  • Reduce the incident of postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety

  • Have everything lined up should you need resources after baby's arrival

Your Investment: $297

Interested but have questions?

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  • We'll see if making a plan would be a good fit for you

  • If so, we'll schedule our first 60-minute session

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